ASIC Licensed Services

Who Provides Investment & Financial Advice & Services at Ascendia?

Where your arrangements or plans require:

  • Advice or an opinion as to whether you should or should not buy an asset(s) or investment or financial product

  • Advice or an opinion as to whether you should or should not commence a particular investment strategy (including use a trust, or purchase investment assets in your own name or a partner's name, or with debt) 

only our fully qualified financial advisers provide this.

We believe that the financial & investment advisory role is a very important one, and so we do not delegate it. We believe that competent advice requires the most experienced and senior advisers who have the maximum professional and commercial capability to understand your situation (in business and personally). As a result to advise properly - our accounting and investment principals are all fully qualified financial and investment advisers - and only they are authorised to provide Investment and Financial Advice and Management services.

They are:

  • David Barlow

  • Andre Cox

  • Sherman Jenner

  • Angela Slater

In addition, personal investment & financial advice must be, by law, provided in writing, by our corporate authorised representative (Ascendia Wealth P/L or our Licensee (Ascendia). (It is not authorised by ASIC to be provided by Ascendia Accountants or accounting staff.). 

When advice is required - one of our principals will provide to you researched, tailored and quality assured advice to you - in the form of a formal Statement of Advice in writing. 

Our Senior Investment Officer, Graham Parkes, monitors your portfolio on a continuing basis during the working week, and is available by telephone to provide you with general information and advice pertaining to your portfolio as well as performance reports and research about your portfolio and assets at any time during office hours. He is also, with the support of our client service officer, Cate Jenner, available to provide you with information to enable you to draw funds etc. or obtain specific reprots you may need (for centrelink for instance) as required.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Advisers

A major driver of your ability to get access to reliable and practically useful financial advice is whether you can get access to:

  • Fully qualified professionals (not sales people),
  • With many years practical experience
  • Who do not have any conflicts of interest

Why not go to the source - University educated professionals with many years experience dealing with these matters every week - who are fully trained and experienced in the matters you need advice on, not sales people who have completed a 1 week course?

Our advisory team includes 4 qualified financial advisers, a senior investment officer, and a client service officer.  Our team of 6 holds between them:

  • 67 years expereince advising clients on their financial affairs
  • 10 Tertiary Qualifications related to the financial services industry
  • 7 years eperience as nominated ASIC AFSL licensee
  • 4 professional designations (CFP / CPA / MPA)
  • 3 accountancy degrees
  • 2 Economics Degrees
  • 1 Masters Degree research paper from UQ on Investment Portfolio Theory and Practice

Our team is also backed by the availability of 4 administrative staff who provide mailing, filing, bookkeeping and general administrative services on an as needs basis. 

Investment Advisers & Managers - Without Conflicts of Interest

As you know most independent commentators recommend you use investment advice & management professionals who do not charge commissions - so you know they only have their client to please, you, in order to get remunerated.

It can however be difficult to find an 'independent' financial & investment advisory firm - there aren't many out there.

Can Ascendia be fairly characterised as offering independent advice and management services? We think we can and we ask you to consider this...

  • Our firm holds it's own ASIC Licensed Australian Financial Services License.
  • Our firm is not an associate of any bank, insurance company, franchised finanical organisation or fund manager.
  • We do not act for large financial institutions as 'distributors' of their packaged financial products - we choose which assets and investments we advise - we are not associated entities of a bank or fund manager or insurer .
  • We advise and manage financial assets for our clients benefit only.
  • We preference assets with the least amount of packaging or complication as is possible to source in Australia, because we believe experience has shown that there is less chance of complication or dissapointed expectations when the assets are less complicated.
  • Our firm is also not part of any franchise arrangement to be able to retain its license or purchasing its license from a licensee firm with strings attached as to products advised.
  • Our firm does not allow other companies or individuals to use our license.
  • Our advisers are our professional and qualifed staff who we closely manage and monitor wihtin our firm.
  • We have the freedom to advise our clients to sell everything - all their asets - to cash - if we truly and reasonably believe this to be prudently in their interests.
  • We have in the past advised clients to divest substantial assets to cash - in January 2008 - preserving portfolio capital value prior to substantial wealth destruction resulting from the GFC.

Ascendia Capability

Please refer to the current Ascendia Financial Services Guide for more details regarding our formal and professional qualifications and experience. A summary is provided below in the section "What Services..."

Our areas of expertise, experience and licensing assure you that we have the capability to provide comprehensive:

·       Financial Advisory Services

·       Investment Advisory Services

·       Portfolio Advisory & Management Services

Our capability to provide world class advice and portfolio management services is based on:

  1. Our experienced staff
  2. Our use of research services we purchase from the largest and best independent investment research houses in Australia (not those who also underwrite IPO listings, as they are not neccesarily able to critcise large organisations from whom they will later want underwriting work).
  3. Our use of the best software and systems - that we purchase directly at our direct expense.
  4. Our regular review of systems, software and research available in the market for us to use.
  5. Our freedom to change service provider at any time.
  6. Our ability to choose whatever systems, software and research we think is best without fear or favour - we have the best combination of these than any advisory service provider.

We use services and systems from a number of Australia's best wholesalers of these services - including Macquarie', Praemium', IRESS and Morningstar - to put together the best tools and support services for investing in Australia.

We have a highly qualified and experienced investment and financial advice and management team - as outlined above. 

The principal, AFSL licensee and Certified Financial Planner has 15 years experience providing financial and investment advice, 7 years as an independent ASIC licensee. Please refer to the current Ascendia Financial Services Guide for more details regarding our formal and professional qualifications and experience.

 During all office hours our Senior Investment Officer is available to you to take your call or respond to your email.

Your portfolio can be monitored via our web site and password protected portfolio reporting services - 24 / 7 from anywhere with internet access. 

What Services Are You Licensed to provide me?

Please refer to the current Ascendia Financial Services Guide for more details regarding our formal and professional qualifications and experience. A summary is provided below.

Portfolio Management Services available include:

·       Portfolio Management & Reporting

·       Portfolio Administration

·       Age Pension Entitlement Management & Reporting

Advisory Services: available include: 

Cash Flow Modelling and Planning

Including for small business persons wanting assistance to identify how much capital is appropriate in their circumstances to commit and how much they are comfortable using - for investment purposes.

Financial Plans

Including advice as to how best to hold assets for tax effective asset creation given your circumstances

Retirement Plans

Including advice as to how much capital you will need in retirement and how to save and grow that capital in the quickest and most appropriate way within your circumstances.

Portfolio Advice

Including what type of portfolio, and what specific assets are most appropriate given your circumstances and objectives.

Portfolio Review Advice

We provide this as part of an ongoing portfolio management service only because portfolio reviews need to be made on an as needs basis as part of an ongoing management service.

Second Opinions

We have provided second opinions on advice on a confidential basis. We do this on a fee for service no obligation basis. We are qualified professionals not sales people - we will not contact you unless you ask us to.