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Peter says...

Self Funded Retirement Advisory & Income Portfolio Management

Ascendia can guide you through all the issues to get to the retirement thing, whether legal, business, family, estates, tax, or investment:

I recommend Ascendia to my friends who are thinking about retiring, maybe thinking about a self managed super fund, and getting their personal and / or business affairs in order to enable them to retire.

I know my friends can rely on Ascendia’s service even if my friends are not sure of exactly how to go about what they want to do… because I have seen Ascendia take responsibility for the whole process to facilitate what someone in my circumstances is trying to achieve.

For instance, I don’t need to find an auditor for my self managed super fund – because they have a preferred supplier at a wholesale fee rate.  I don’t need to remember to document an investment strategy that’s consistent with my investments, because they include this in their service.

Whatever it is the client needs in their particular circumstances, Ascendia professionals work to anticipate and deliver on the whole process -  you wont be left in the lurch with a problem or find yourself traipsing around town from accountant to lawyer to auditor to broker. There are better things to do!

With the Ascendia guys you can have the peace of mind of your own super fund without the dramas."

Peter A.

Retired Agribusiness Owner and Business Person (est. 1982)


Richard & Bess say...

Self Funded Retirement Advisory & Income Portfolio Management

We initially sought Ascendia’s assistance and advisory services with our pre-retirement planning process, and got them to help us to consolidate assets and build a portfolio.

Their advice enabled us to maximize the assets we would need to live on.

In addition we have used their investment management service. It is a service I have confidence in because the Ascendia team say what they are going to do, and they do what they said they would.

I have had no surprises in terms of my portfolio and we have been utilizing the financial and investment advisory services at Ascendia since before the GFC.

Richard & Bess N. 

Retired Proprietors of and Engineering Fabricating Business



John & Lyn say...

Pre-Retirement Advisory & Portfolio Management

My wife Lyn and I have been using the advisory services with the team at Ascendia for a a number of years now.

We have found them very supportive in assisting us to work through the issues associated with moving from work to retirement.

At each stage and at each decision Sherman and his team of professional partners have been able to provide strong decision making support to us, both technical information pertaining to tax, to how much capital we need, to what income to expect etc. - and also in respect of more difficult decisions - where we have to make decisions where there are unknowns.

Sherman’s calm and experienced approach having many clients dealing with these matters has been practically very helpful.

We have had Ascendia’s support to make asset sales at the right time, to make purchases of income producing assets in a way that maximizes our asset base and minimizes our ongoing taxes.

We have also had proactive and specialized advice pertaining to our estates plans and superannuation from Ascendia’s in house lawyer.

Our investment returns have been very good with very little asset value volatility and we are as a result assured of our position as I enjoy my retirement and Lyn works through her last few years of work before joining me in retirement.

John O.

Semi Retired Solicitor in Queensland, NSW and NT

Lyn O.

Solicitor In Queensland



Ben says...

Personal Injury Compensation Funds Advisory & Portfolio Management 

I used Ascendia’s  financial, investment and tax advisory services when I had an accident and obtained resulting accident compensation, which I needed to ensure would be set aside for my sole use and which would not be eroded by taxes.

The Ascendia team advised me how to set up my affairs and made sure that these enabled me to obtain 100% of the available Government entitlements that were available.

They implemented all the legal things that needed doing and have managed the portfolio successfully for me.

Importantly the Ascendia investment management team have successfully managed my portfolio for a number of years now including through the GFC.

I didn’t lose any sleep through the 2008 crash because my portfolio didn’t crash.

I know I will have enough capital to see me through my living costs and needs because its invested with care and carefully.

Ben H.

Student and avid Rugby fan



Ross & Caroline say...

Portfolio Management > Income to Moderately Defensive

After the GFC we decided we wanted a portfolio that was a bit different  - a portfolio that is managed for very low risk and for maximizing income.

The staff at Ascendia have delivered an income portfolio for us that generated over 7% income in very conservative investments, in a market where term deposits were paying 4.0%. That is what we asked for…that is what they have delivered.

We have other assets that we take more risk with, but with the funds in this portfolio we wanted something that we could rely on in all market conditions. This is an important part of our investment approach because some of our other assets are more suseptable to swings in valuatioin and to delays in divesting in poor market conditions. 

It was most important to access a reliable professional portfolio management operation that has expertise in these types of portfolio's.

Ross & Caroline M. 

Ross and Caroline are Agricultural Landowners, Retired Agribusiness Owner Operators and Investors



Errol says...

Pre-Retirement / Accumulation Advisory

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Administration Service

I don’t have to collect all the records for my self managed super fund portfolio, like contract notes, dividend statements, trust tax statements, bank accounts, loan statements etc. because they retrieve and collate this and supply it to the superannuation auditor for me.

Its great because the portfolio management service basically makes me a reliable low risk financial performance which is what I want from this portfolio, and I get the portfolio administration service (no paperwork for me) as well - at no extra charge.

It means I dont have to collect and provide all the records evey year to my accountnat - its all collated and supplied for me. And since hte SMSF is audited - I know all my records, and assets are where I think they are.

The fact this portfolio is managed to produce a high level of franking credits also works well for me becuase I end up having these tax credits paying my super contributions tax too, making my SMSF effectively tax free while I am still in accumulation phase.

Errol J. 

Errol works in the Mining Services sector for fun, and is a financially independent investor of many years



Stephanie says...

Retirement Advisory & Balanced Portfolio Management

The investment team at Ascendia have consistently delivered, each year, a combination of higher returns and lower investment risks for my portfolio than I can obtain elsewhere.

They maintain a clear understanding of the economic and investment environment, and keep on top of the detail of specific investment valuations, risks and opportunities.

I will often ask specific questions about the reasons for holding, investing or divesting a particular investment – the Ascendia guys have always had sound basis for their investment advice. I have tested this by taking their advice - and have done very well as a result over the years.

In the past I always controlled my own portfolio and investments, I still closely monitor them but now I have the support of the Ascendia Investment team, who have earned my trust.

The main thing I can say about them is that unlike a lot of other firms they are indeed professional portfolio managers , not salespeople. The qualifications and experience they have show in their results.

Stephanie D.

Retired Public Servant, and an experienced investor of many years