Professional Fees

We provide you with fixed fees (initially we provide a fixed fee quote for your acceptance) for both our advisory and portfolio management services. 

For a guide to our portfolio management service fees please make use of the fee estimate calculator >>

For a guide to our advisory service fees you will need to complete the online form to give us enough information to email you a fee estimate - click here >>

More Detail About Fees:

1. A Portfolio Management Fee

This is charged monthly by direct debit as agreed between us. These fees are clear and transparent to you.

You pay us direct from your portfolio bank account which is taken up as a deductible expense by your accountant using the bank statements supplied to you by the bank. We review our fees each year and discuss with you as required.

For an indication of the amount of fee we charge for portfolio management services please refer to the Portfolio Fee Estimate Calculator - on this site at Resources / Fee Estimate.

2. Securities Brokerage on Listed Securities

This brokerage is charged to pay our costs of placing trades (on trades made on the ASX) at a minimum of $77 per trade incl. GST or 0.275% whichever is greater.

These fees are about half the rate of a full service share broking firm and we handle all the administration and reporting including documents for accountants, auditors, and tax compliance.

You have absolutely no paperwork or administration to deal with - dividends are automatically credited and labelled to your settlement account. Statements are collated and provided to your accountant at year end.

3. Small ongoing commission on Macquarie Cash Account Balances

We unfortunately can't as yet refuse these due to the limitations of Macquarie Bank's systems. We take this into account in our fee rates and fixed fee quote we provide you. This is 0.0229 % of monthly balances in your portfolio settlement account. We use this small amount of money to fund client access to their online portfolio reporting account via this web site (we pay our software providers from these funds).

Fixed Fee Quotes

We are happy to provide written fixed fee quotes to bone fide prospective clients who are considering our services.

All our clients are feed on the basis of a fixed fee per annum which is agreed between us. All fixed fees - no surprises.

You can request an advisory service fixed fee quote using our quote form on this site at Resources / Fee Estimate. You can obtain a very good indication of our portfolio management fees by using our fee estimate calculator also at Resources / Fee Estimate. We will provide a written fee quote for portfolio management once we have had a meeting with you and understand your sevices requirements.

If you find better price and demonstrate it to us in writing we will beat it by 10%.

The larger a portfolio the lower the portfolio managment fee as a % of the assets managed normally.

We offer a better service, at a better price, than our competitors - using state of the art technology - so that our service is streamlined and very good value for a person or family relying on their investment income / gains.

We Do NOT Charge:

  • Any entry or up front commissions
  • Any exit commissions
  • Any entry or investment placement fees on individual assets (at any stage)
  • Any exit fees for any investment
  • Any referral fees or commissions
  • Any trailing commissions* or ongoing commissions - other than on cash account which is a very small amount being: 0.0229 % of cash balances per month. We charge this latter commission is explained below.

Please don't hesitate to ask us about our fees and charges. We think they are very good value and woud be happy to discuss how you can save money by changing to our service.

*We receive a small trail commission of 0.0229% per month on monthly balances of Macquarie cash accounts - which we recieve from Macquarie on bank cash account balances only - not from any other new portfolio client investments. This is not yet able to be refused by us due to Macquarie's systems. We take this into account in our fee rates and fixed fee quote we provide you. We use this account sytem due to the excellent security and custoner services which Macquarie provide for your security and protection. We also use this small amount of money to fund client access to their online portfolio reporting account via this web site (we pay our software providers from these funds).