Who Are We?

The Ascendia partners you deal with own the ascendia business they operate in.

All Ascendia businesses are Australian family owned operations.

Our partners are a relatively young team but with over 10 years experience each in senior public practice.

We plan to be here when you need us – no point having your advisers retired when you are!

Investment Advisors & Managers

Ascendia Wealth Pty. Ltd. is a corporate authorised representative of Ascendia Pty. Ltd. AFSL 307308 and is fully authorised and regulated to provide investment and financial advice and management services.

We are regulated in the first instance by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which has specific and sole responsibility for regulating Australian Financial Services Licensees and their Authorised Representatives in their professional capacities.

This business is also regulated in general terms like most companies also by the Australian Taxation Office and ASIC in respect of the Corporations Law generally.

This business does not provide taxation or accounting advice or services as regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and is not a registered tax agent. These services are provided by the accounting businesses outlined above. This business does not provide legal advice either, which is provided by Ascendia Lawyers.

Ascendia Wealth and Ascendia co-operate in branding and marketing. Ascendia and Ascendia Wealth is independently owned and operated by the principal and operators of this business, there is no ownership or distribution arrangement with any bank, insurance company or other financial services provider.

Please refer to the current Ascendia Financial Services Guide for more details regarding our formal and professional qualifications and experience.


While each accounting company provides services for its respective client base, the 3 accounting firms co-operate in branding and marketing, but are each independently owned, and independently operated by each principal. The companies are:

o   Ascendia Accountants (Brisbane) Pty. Ltd.

o   Ascendia Accountants (Maroochydore) Pty. Ltd.

o   Ascendia Accountants (Noosa) Pty. Ltd.

The accounting companies do not provide personal investment advice as regulated by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). This service is provided, as required, by the ASIC Corporate Authorised Representative - Ascendia Wealth Pty. Ltd - of the licensed financial services provider Ascendia Pty Ltd. (AFSL 307308).

Similarly these accounting companies do not provide legal services - which is provided by Ascendia Lawyers Pty Ltd, which is outlined below.


These services are provided by Ascendia Lawyers Pty.Ltd. This business is independently owned by the principal and operator of the business.

Ascendia Lawyers is regulated by the Queensland Law Commission and is a member of the Queensland Law Society. Ascendia Lawyers is an Incorporated Legal Practice and practising solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Ascendia Lawyers has associates in other states and territories, which it works with where appropriate to deliver services to its clients in these jurisdictions.