Why Use Ascendia?

Why use a Multi-Profession Team of Partners?

The key difference with us compared to your average financial advisory service is that our financial advisory service is that we are qualified tax accountants, commercial, property & estates lawyers, and qualified and independently licensed investment managers.

We collaborate all day to deliver you additional options and opportunities, and reliable advice across a broad range of areas that in our experience you cannot access from service providers with a more narrow focus.

Our advisory service provides a team of experienced partners from a range of professions to deliver to business and investment clients the following services:

o   ASIC Licensed Investment & Financial Advice

o   ASIC Licensed Portfolio Management Services

And where relevant and required, access via our Ascendia partner firms:

o   Tax Agents and Advisory

o   Public Accounting including General Purpose Accounting

o   Audit Services, including trust account audits

o   Commercial Law

o   Estates Law, including relating to business groups

o   Property Law, including pursuant to property developments

Our partners have a combined 75 years commercial and investment experience, to ensure your investment approach is the best available. 

Ascendia is a team of different professions and different professional firms, which are regulated and licensed as required by the Australian regulatory framework to provide their respective professional service areas.