Remote Access

Of course when you are in a location remote from our offices, or we are not able to meet you at your premises / location, you can still keep tabs on your portfolio performance and transactions, we can still send you advisory documents for your review by email, and we can meet by freecall phone or Skype to discuss the matters. 

Client Portfolio Reporting - Online

You can use your client log in on our Client Portfolio Reporting Webpage to keep track of your portfolio performance and asset allocation etc. We give you access to this, and your username nad password, when you become a client. You can get your portfolio reports at anytime from anywhere. Or you can get our staff to email you reports during office hours - whichever you prefer.

Telephone Meeting - No Client Cost

To organise a telehpone meeting we just agree with you a time, send you advisory reports via email and call you at our expense. 

Skype Conference

We can still discuss face-to-face your portfolio management and your financial requirements generally using Skype.

Some of our customers who are not remote still use this method just to save the time and petrol of getting to our office. 

Some of clients also like to use this when they are oveseas or interstate for extended periods.

Once you've got yourself on Skype - to talk to us search your Skype contacts for 

Skype User:  ascendiainvestment

Please organise Skype conference time / day / participants via email or phone 1300 797 858.